24 June: Middle Aston House
10 July: North Newington Festival
28 July: Banbury Folk Club
20-21 August: Moira Furnace Folk Festival, Swadlincote
2 September: Maidenhead Folk Club
19 September: Coventry Bands in the Park
10 October: Banbury Canal Day
12 October: Newbottle Festival
20 October: Atherstone Folk Club


29 January: Banbury Folk Club, with Paper Circus
6 March: The Blinking Owl, North Newington
13 March: The Bell, Adderbury
19 March: Buckingham Acoustic Club
28 March: Charity event, Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School
7 April: Winchcombe Folk Club
21 May: The Tump, Coventry, with Paper Circus
4 July: Fund raising event, Methodist Church, Brackley 
25 July: Tadmarton Scarecrow Festival
23 August: 'Readifolk', Reading
3 September: Maidenhead Folk Club
12 September: Wiggington Fete
23 September: Banbury Folk club with Dom Prag



6 February: Nuneaton Folk Club
21 February: Buckingham Folk Club
1 March: Gawcott Church Fundraiser
12 April: Beat Route Radio, Rushden
26 April: Manor Farm, Ardley
10 May: Tamworth Folk Club
12 May: Black Prince, Abington Square, Northampton
15 May: Atherstone Folk Club
30 May: Common Folk, Walsall
7 June: The Blinking Owl, North Newington
9 June: Brackley Folk Club. Crewe Arms, Hinton-in-the-Hedges
30 June: Coventry Canal Basin Festival
12 July: The Bell, Adderbury
13 July: Hanfest, Hanwell
28 July: Brackley Folk Day
4 September: Banbury Folk Club
9 October: Bedworth Folk Club
13 October: Banbury Festival
17 October: Walsall Folk Club
6 December: Adderbury Christmas Festival


26 January: Tamworth Folk Club
9 February: The White Horse, Banbury
20 February: The Great Knight Folk Club, Northampton
31 March: Private party
19 April: Maidenhead Folk Club
29 April: Brackley Folk Club
16 June: Westmill Wind Farm, near Shrivenham
17 June: The Old White Hart, Northampton (Father's Day Lunchtime)
24 June: Brackley Folk in the Park
1 July: Stratford River Festival
7 July: Music at the Crossroads, Hook Norton
14 July: Hanfest, Hanwell
20 July: The Bell, Adderbury
5 September: Banbury Folk Club
8 September: The Finstock Ale Festival
12 &14 October: Banbury Festival
13 October: The Stables, Wavendon
15 December: Lost Chord Singers Christmas Concert, Byfield


27 January: The Bell, Adderbury
30 January: Warwick Folk Club
17 March: Shirley Folk Club
17 May: Atherstone Folk Club
10 June: Knitted Character Folk Festival, Temple Grafton
13 June: Wurzelbush Folk Club, Brinklow
25 June: Brackley Folk in the Park
16 July: The Courtyard, Banbury Folk Club
22 July: Tadmarton Scarecrow Festival
5 August: The Bell, Adderbury
28 August: Scarecrow Festival, Brinklow
6 September: Nuneaton Folk Club
9 September: The Finstock Ale Festival
23 September: Brackley European Association event
1 October: Banbury Canalside Festival
7 October: The Reindeer & The Town Hall, Banbury Festival
21 October: Mayor's Civic Dinner, Brackley
26 October: The Tump, Coventry
1 November: Banbury Folk Club
25 November: Bedworth Folk Festival
26 November: 'Readifolk', Reading 


29 January: The Bell, Adderbury
3 February: Nuneaton Folk Club
18 February: Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
1 April: The Bell, Adderbury
9 April: Charity concert, Manor Farm, Ardley
13 April: Banbury Folk Club 17th Anniversary
18 May: Stratford Folk Club
19 June: Coventry Canal Festival
24 June: Tamworth Folk Club
26 June: Folk in the Park, Brackley
9 July: Manor Farm, Ardley. Workshop 
10 July: Manor Farm, Ardley. Parlour Concert
16 July: Tadmarton Scarecrow Festival
20 July: Atherstone Folk Club
21-24 July: Warwick Festival
28 July: Maidenhead Folk Club
27 August: The Gate Hangs High, Hook Norton
7 October: The Reindeer, Banbury Folk Festival
21 October: Red Lion, Shirley
26 November: Bedworth Folk Festival


17 January: Atherstone Folk Club
20 February: The Bell, Adderbury
21,22 February: Alcester Winter Festival
8 March: Reading Folk Club
21 March: Wychwood Folk Club
16 April: The Tump Folk Club, Coventry
25 April: Dunchurch Village Hall
2 May: Private Party, East Haddon
9 May: Bloxfest
14 June: The Gate Hangs High, Hook Norton
17 June: Stratford Folk Club
19 June: Helmdon Presents
28 June: Folk in the Park, Brackley
12 July: Manor Farm, Ardley
18 July: St Nicholas Church, Tadmarton
29 August: Shoulderfest, Little Horwood
9 September: Bedworth Folk Club
20 September: Brackley Folk Club
4 October: Banbury Canalside Festival
10 October: Banbury Festival, Town Hall
17 October: Stogursey Arts Festival, Somerset
28 October: Banbury Folk Club, Hallowe'en night
28 November: Bedworth Festival 


10 March: Warwick Folk Club
15 March: Barley Mow, Newbold
17 March: Althorp Coaching Inn; St Patrick's Night
14 May: Bedworth Folk Club
16 May: Oxhill Village Hall
31 May: Music at the Crossroads, Hook Norton
4 June: Banbury Folk Club
15 June: Brackley Folk Club
5 July: Wychwood Beer Festival
19 July: Private party, Sulgrave Manor

3 August: Brackley Fringe Festival
24 August: ShoulderFest, Little Horwood
6 September: Ardley Parlour Concert
12 September: The Finstock Ale, Beer Festival
5 October: Banbury Canalside Festival
10 October: Banbury Festival, The Reindeer 9:00pm
11 October: Banbury Festival, The Reindeer 7:00pm

29 November: Bedworth Festival



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